Use these tips when creating in-text citations.

  • In-text citations should be used whether quoting or paraphrasing.
  • In-text citations should be placed at the end of sentence after any quotation marks, in parentheses, before the final punctuation mark.
  • If you don’t mention the name of the material’s author or source, you must include this information in parenthetical citation.
  • Type the first word of the Works Cited entry for your source, and include the page number(s) in which you found the information.
  • This could be the author's last name or the first word(s) of the article.
  • Follow the first word of the bibliographical citation with the page number(s) on which the information can be found.
  • If you mention the author's name or the source information in your text, you need only list the page numbers in parentheses.
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