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Better Grades, Better Salary, and Other Benefits of Tutoring

Matt Stewart  |  09/08/2021


As a college student, it can be hard to think beyond the upcoming chemistry exam.  But, there is a tool that can help you succeed in your current classes and boost your success for decades to come.  And it’s completely free.


Tutoring has been shown to increase test scores by 12 percentage points.  That’s great for your upcoming test, but what’s really impressive is that benefits of tutoring linger.  Students that receive tutoring show improved grades the following semester as well.  This is because students that work with a tutor develop better study and time management skills.  But, the benefits don’t end there, we know that higher GPAs lead to higher salaries and more job satisfaction. 


To get the most out of your tutoring sessions, plan them early and often.  Studies show that frequency of tutoring sessions is the most reliable indicator of success.  Regular meetings throughout the semester is the best way to stay ahead of your coursework and build a relationship with your tutoring team.  Before you come to a tutoring session, prepare by reviewing the material you’d like to cover and make a note of any questions you have.  Bring all of the necessary materials such as your syllabus, textbook, notes, and homework assignments.  Begin each session by discussing your goals with your tutor.  Limit the number of distractions during your session to stay on task.  Plan time for a quick review at the end of your session and discuss upcoming topics and scheduled quizzes and exams. 


Bay College’s Student Success Center provides tutoring on both Main Campus and West Campus.  We offer tutoring for most subjects such as Math, Science, Humanities, and we even offer dedicated Nursing Learning Assistants for nursing students.  Our sessions can be one-on-one or group sessions.  If in-person sessions don’t work with your schedule, we can offer virtual tutoring using Zoom.  We can also help with your writing assignments through our Online Writing Lab found within Blackboard.  Simply upload your assignment and one of our writing tutors will check it for grammar, formatting, and spelling.    


To schedule a tutoring session, see Matt Stewart on Main Campus in office 813 or Sarah Davy on West Campus in office 205.  Or, find a tutor request form on the Online Academic Success Center found in Blackboard.


If you’re looking for an additional challenge, you should consider becoming a tutor.  Tutoring is a great way to become a subject matter expert.  This is known as the Protégé Effect.  The Protégé Effect has been shown to increase the GPAs of tutors.  In addition to better grades, being a tutor is a great way to build your resume and your professional network.  Tutors also benefit from flexible hours and great pay.

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