The Neltnet Business Solutions (NBS) payment plan, known as e-cashier, is designed for students and their families who would like to spread each semester’s tuition, fees and housing payments, less applicable financial aid awards, over monthly installments. Payments are electronically withdrawn from a savings, checking or credit card according to your agreement.

To participate in the NBS payment plan students must enroll on-line prior to the tuition due date. Enrollment in the plan is good for one semester. If you wish to participate in the payment plan for future semesters you would need to re-enroll each semester.

There is a $25 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee to participate in the payment plan, which will be assessed within 14 days of enrollment in the payment plan

Installment payments will be calculated by taking the total balance, deducting applicable financial aid awards and dividing the amount owed by the number of remaining installments. (Example: $1000 balance - $100 financial aid = $900 – 25% down payment of $225.00 = the remaining three installments would be $225.00 each.)

Should an automatic bank payment or credit card payment be returned, a $30 NBS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically assessed to your account. You will be notified by NBS of the returned payment via mail or email.

Late entry: (after tuition due date) into the plan would have to be manually facilitated through the Student Accounts Office. For more information contact the Student Accounts Office at (906) 217-4062.
Changes:  The College makes scheduled payment plan adjustments on a monthly basis.  Student's should not assume their payment plan agreement will automatically adjust if they receive financial aid or make a change to their course schedule.  To request an adjustment be made to an exsisting payment agreement, contact the Student Accounts Office at (906) 217-4062.

For questions on your current payment plan please contact the Student Accounts Office at (906) 217-4062 or (800) 221- 2001 ext 4062. You may also contact NBS at (800) 609-8056 .