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Building Hours for Escanaba Campus (Eastern Time Zone, EST)

  Mon-Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
Fall/Winter 7AM-10PM 7AM-7PM 8AM-3PM Closed
Summer 7AM-7PM Closed Closed* Closed
Spring Break 7AM-7PM 7AM-5PM Closed Closed
*open one Saturday a month

Building Hours for West Campus (Central Time Zone, CST)

  Mon-Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
Fall/Winter 7AM-10PM 7AM-7PM Closed Closed
Summer 7AM-6PM Closed Closed Closed
Spring Break 7AM-5PM 7AM-5PM Closed Closed

Definition of building hours: these times define when the doors to the buildings are unlocked to allow public access and locked to dis-allow public access. 

Service hours are hours set by departments providing services to students and visitors. These hours can vary by department but fall within building hours. Service hours are published on the Bay College website and the myBay portal.

Holiday Hours are special hours set specifically for a holiday. These hours are communicated throughout the year in close proximity to the holiday occurrence.