Delta County residents
$110.00 per contact hour
Dickinson County residents
$164.00 per contact hour
Michigan residents
$191.00 per contact hour
Wisconsin reciprocal counties
$191.00 per contact hour
Out-of State residents
$350.00 per contact hour
Student Development and Success Fee
$5.00 per contact hour 
(capped at 12 hours per semester)
Technology Fee
$30.00 per contact hour
Art Instructional Materials Fee
$40.00/$80.00 applies to specific art courses
Facility Fee
$13.00 per contact hour of instruction 
Lab Fee
$20.00 applies to specific courses
Liability Insurance Fee
$16.00 applies to specific courses
Allied Health Assessment Fee
$23.00-$350.00 applies to specific courses
Welding Fee
$20.00 per contact hour of welding instruction


Tuition is determined by contact hours (the number of hours a student must attend class,    

including lecture, discussion or laboratory sessions) per week. Tuition and fees are

subject to change by the action of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of



All questions regarding tuition and fees should be directed to the Student Accounts

Office at (906) 217-4062 or cashier@baycollege.edu.



Semester Registration Dates Tuition Due Date
Summer1 14/15 10/06/2015-05/04/2015 05/04/2015
  05/05/2015-05/20/2015 05/20/2015
Summer2 14/15 10/07/2014-06/15/2015 06/15/2015
  06/16/2015-06/30/2015 06/30/2015
Fall 15/16 03/03/2015-08/03/2015 08/03/2015
  08/04/2015-08/17/2015 08/17/2015
  08/18/2015-09/04/2015 09/08/2015
Winter 15/16 10/05/2015-12/07/2015 12/07/2015
  12/08/2015-01/04/2016 01/04/2016
  01/05/2016-01/15/2016 01/18/2016