Board of Trustees Bylaws & Succession Plan
Board of Trustees Bylaws (.pdf, 146K)
Succession Plan for College President (.pdf, 57K)
1001 Board of Trustees by Appointment Policy (.pdf, 6K)
1002 Board of Trustees Performance Review Policy (.pdf, 12K)
1003 Board of Trustees Travel Policy (.pdf, 15K)
1004 Administrative Responsibilities Policy (.pdf, 5K)
1005 Board of Trustees Conflicts of Interest Policy (.pdf, 36K)
1005 Board of Trustees Conflicts of Interest Questionnaire (.pdf, 14K)
1007 Categorically Funded Projects Policy (.pdf, 5K)
1008 Governmental Activities Policy (.pdf, 30K)
1009 Non Solicitation Policy (.pdf, 6K)
1010 Fundraising, Foundation, Gifts, and Grants Policy (.pdf, 131K)
1011 Civic and Testimonial Functions Policy (.pdf, 6K)
1013 Community Service Policy (.pdf, 5K)
1014 Public Information Marketing Policy (.pdf, 111K)
1017 Use of College Facilities Policy (.pdf, 13K)
1018 Alcoholic Beverages Policy (.pdf, 12K)
1025 Tobacco-Free Environment Policy (.pdf, 14K)
1028 Lobbying Policy (.pdf, 5K)
1031 Communications Policy (.pdf, 14K)
1033 Supplanting of Federal Funds Policy (.pdf, 6K)
1035 Loss or Damage to Property Policy (.pdf, 9K)
1036 Energy Policy (.pdf, 9K)
1037 Social Security Number Privacy Policy (.pdf, 13K)
1040 Safety & Security Policy (.pdf, 15K)
1041 Emergency Response Plan Policy (.pdf, 9K)
1042 Campus Law Enfr and Reporting Criminal Activity Policy (.pdf, 109K)
1043 Security Awareness, Crime Prevention & Annual Crime Report Policy (.pdf, 189K)
1044 Concealed Weapons Policy (.pdf, 14K)
1045 Criminal Sexual Assault Policy (.pdf, 8K)
1048 Cable Television Policy (.pdf, 7K)
1049 Web Accessibility and Publishing Policy (.pdf, 22K)
1050 Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy (.pdf, 21K)
1051 Password and Account Policy (.pdf, 83K)
1052 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy (.pdf, 70K)
1053 Remote Access Policy (.pdf, 81K)
IT Policy Online Acceptance - Students (.pdf, 69K)
IT Policy Signature Form - Employees and Agents (.pdf, 128K)
1054 Social Media Policy (.pdf, 18K)
Social Media Standard (.pdf, 198K)
1055 Use of Personal Equipment and Accounts for College Business (.pdf, 29K)
1056 Cloud Computing Policy (.pdf, 35K)
1057 Information Security Policy (.pdf, 35K)
1058 Data Entry Policy (.pdf, 32K)
1060 Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy (.pdf, 167K)
Equity Statement (.pdf, 52K)
1061 Accommodations for Disabilities Policy (.pdf, 75K)
ADA Statement (Oct 2016) (.pdf, 28K)
Discrimination and Harrassment Complaint Procedure (.pdf, 18K)
1064 Assistance Animal Policy (.pdf, 142K)
1070 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy (.pdf, 75K)
1071 Records Retention & Disposal Policy (.pdf, 18K)
1075 Freedom of Expression Policy (.pdf, 32K)
1080 Continuous Improvement Policy (.pdf, 13K)
2001 Budget Policy (.pdf, 109K)
2002 Audit Policy (.pdf, 11K)
2003 Handling of Funds Policy (.pdf, 105K)
2004 Banking Policy (.pdf, 6K)
2005 Investments Policy (.pdf, 6K)
2006 Petty Cash Policy (.pdf, 14K)
2007 Tuition Policy (.pdf, 6K)
2008 Tuition Refund Policy (.pdf, 13K)
2009 Delinquent Accounts Policy (.pdf, 104K)
2010 Taxes Waiver Policy (.pdf, 83K)
2011 Purchasing Policy (.pdf, 114K)
2012 Credit Card Policy (.pdf, 105K)
2013 Property, Plant & Equipment Policy (.pdf, 24K)
2014 Disposal of Equipment Property Policy (.pdf, 10K)
2015 New Construction Policy (.pdf, 24K)
2016 Repairs, Renovations and Alterations Policy (.pdf, 31K)
2017 Insurance Policy (.pdf, 104K)
2018 Bookstore Policy (.pdf, 6K)
2019 Food Service Policy (.pdf, 6K)
2020 Auxiliary Services - Student Apartment Policy (.pdf, 39K)
2021 Anti-Fraud Policy (.pdf, 113K)
2022 Identity Theft Prevention Policy (.pdf, 113K)
2023 Key Financial Standards Policy (.pdf, 204K)
2024 Post Issuance Tax Compliance For Tax-Exempt Obligations and Tax Credit Bond Policy (.pdf, 213K)
2025 Continuing Disclosure Compliance Policy (.pdf, 118K)
3001 Academic Degrees, Programs, Courses Policy (.pdf, 105K)
3002 General Education Policy (.pdf, 65K)
3003 Academic Program Review Policy (.pdf, 67K)
3004 Library Policy (.pdf, 6K)
3005 Academic Freedom Policy (.pdf, 7K)
3006 Class Cancellation Policy (.pdf, 5K)
3007 Academic Integrity Policy (.pdf, 66K)
3008 Strikes At Affiliating Agencies Policy (.pdf, 5K)
3009 Course Substitution Policy (.pdf, 7K)
3010 Directed Study Courses Policy (.pdf, 7K)
3011 Independent Study Courses Policy (.pdf, 7K)
3012 Grading Policy (.pdf, 6K)
3013 Credit By Demonstrated Competence Policy (.pdf, 7K)
3014 Advanced Placement Credit Policy (.pdf, 5K)
3015 Cooperative Agreements With Other Schools, Organizations and Businesses (.pdf, 68K)
3016 Continuing Education Policy (.pdf, 6K)
3017 Advisory Committee Policy (.pdf, 65K)
3018 Copyrighted Materials Policy (.pdf, 68K)
3019 Intellectual Property Rights Policy (.pdf, 66K)
3020 Marketing Of Instructional Materials Policy (.pdf, 6K)
3021 Credit Hour Policy (.pdf, 11K)
Student Services
Student Conduct and Discipline Policy (.pdf, 38K)
4001 Admissions Policy (.pdf, 202K)
4002 Student Residency Policy (.pdf, 192K)
4004 Student Development and Success Fee Policy (.pdf, 98K)
4009 Board of Trustees Board Scholarship Policy (.pdf, 12K)
4012 Student Right to Know Act Policy (.pdf, 12K)
4013 Enrolled Students Listed on the Sex Offender Registry Policy (.pdf, 183K)
4015 Attendance, Withdrawals, and Return of Title IV Funds Policy (.pdf, 16K)
4025 Student and Community Complaint Policy (.pdf, 12K)
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