New Students and Employees : New students and new employees, your default password is comprised of the word Welcome (with a capital W) followed by a comma then your ID number.

For example, If your ID number is 12345 then your password will be:


Video Tutorial on Using the Password Manager

Video Tutorial on Using the Password Manager

You must know your username and ID number to proceed, please  refer to your acceptance letter for this information. If you need assistance please contact ITS by email at or call (906) 217-4025.


First Time Users : Setting up your Bay College account is a three step process.

Step 1: Review and accept security policy.

Step 2: Setup 3 secret questions.

Step 3: Change the default password.

For a visual tutorial of the process -Click Here-          

Setting your new password requires the following:
  • Password Length: must be at least 8 characters.
  • Password Complexity: must include three out of the following four categories, uppercase letters (A-Z), lowercase letters (a-z), base 10 digits (0-9), or non-alphabetic (!, $, #, %). It cannot be any combination of your birth name or userid. A sentence can serve as a password, these are often called passphrases and are typically easier to remember.
  • Password Lifecycle: passwords will be good for one year (365 days), after which they will need to be changed. Passwords cannot be reused until after 10 password changes.
  • Password Storage : passwords are to be used and stored in a secure manner, passwords are not to be written down or stored electronically unless in a program specifically designed for securing passwords and in of itself protected with a password.