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The below listed Allied Health Programs

are competitive entry:



Practical Nursing (PN) Certificate

Associate Degree Nursing (RN)

LPN Bridge to RN



MRIT Magnetic Resonance Technologist


Surge Tech

CMA Certified Medical Assistant is not competitive entry but is a cohort with limited seats.  The lectures are all online with labs on campus, and clinical externship at a medical facility in the area.



All students start in Pre degrees; for example, if you want to be a Nurse your starting degree is Liberal Arts with a Minor in Pre-Nursing.  When you meet the entrance requirements and are awarded a seat in the program, then you receive the Nursing major.


Our programs have competitive entry.  Competitive entry requires extra steps to be accomplished to be awarded a seat in the degree program and start classes in an upcoming cohort.  To see our Entrance criteria for each of the programs on a computer look to the left and choose the program of interest, on a phone/tablet touch the three lines at the top and select the program of interest.


Cohorts are groups of students that meet entrance criteria and start as a group following a sequence of courses to finish a degree.  An example of a cohort: the Associate Degree in Nursing, students start in the Fall semester, at Escanaba Campus, with 32 fellow students and follow a defined course sequence for five consecutive Fall and Winter semesters.


To Schedule an appointment and discuss the entrance criteria of your program of interest, contact the Allied Health Student Success Team by email nursing@baycollege.edu or call 906.217.4090.

For more information on both campuses contact:


906.786.5802 x4090

Fax:  906.789.6919